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Precisely, Augmented Reality is our preeminent domain and we engross ourselves in giving you a technology that will keep your eyes on stalks!


Our Spectrum

Our mission is to make the world a better abode: more vibrant, lusciously perceivable and amiably interactive. Placing it at your footsteps at a very affordable premium was a challenge for us! And, do not doubt us, we have already given you the first shot to count on us. We have lived by our words and are merrily offering, what you have always been seeking – true AR experience! After all, enduring a smile on your face is a new blotch of success on our label! Isn’t it?


Ghost Vision turns gestate of the design and development of Augmented Reality in the form of a portable device. We envisage in making an economic platform for expanding the AR experience in the diurnal endeavours of our boisterous lives. We believe in simplifying your lives with an ease of access and better understanding of the perplex conundrums.



Kumar Mridul

Founder & CEO

Jeshurun Edward

Platform Developer

Jason Isaac

Platform Developer


Business Relation

Contact Us

Have some amazing ideas to share? No? Probably some fabulous suggestions relating a brain-freezing application. Feel free to drop us a few words.


3rd Floor, Phase II, IIT Madras Research Park, Kanagam Road, Taramani, Chennai 600113 


Email: contact@ghostvision.in